Instruments and Gauges

Marsh Instruments

The standard of accuracy since 1865, Marsh Instruments manufactures rugged, high-quality precision pressure gauges, thermometers, and accessories used in countless applications where accuracy, dependability, and adaptability to application environments are essential.

Thermo-Couple Products

An innovator in temperature sensors, firsts include the exclusive knife-edge design of the Tube-Temp thermocouple, the industry’s most accurate measurement device for fired heater and industrial boiler tubes.

Bellofram Precision Controls

Expert in the design and manufacture of direct-acting, high-performance air pressure regulators that offer precision control, high accuracy, maximum stability, large flow, and exhaust capabilities.


ServoTek Products is an AS9100 and ISO9001 certified leading designer and manufacturer of TachSyn brushless DC tachometer and commutators, instrument-grade DC tachometers, and low-cost rotary encoders.


Highly rugged AC/DC tachometers from the WESTCON line are used widely for aviation, marine, mining, oil and gas production, and other demanding velocity measurement and motion control related applications.