Regular Molder

Responsibilities: To include but not limited to the following

  1. Operates all required molding machines in accordance to the method sheet
  2. Checks work and reports any repetitive rejects to their assigned mold tech and/or lead.
  3. Maintains at least 80% of production standards with minimal scrap
  4. Works from method sheets and uses preforms, elastomers, lubricants and any other material specified by the method sheet
  5. Performs any and all other processes called out by the method sheet or told to do so by a mold tech, lead and/or supervisor that is deemed necessary to produce an acceptable part. This may involve but not limited to the using of scissors and/or a scale.
  6. Adjust the temperature, tonnage, mold charge and cure cycle of a press if needed to make an acceptable part. This is done with approval by a mold tech, lead and/or supervisor.
  7. May need to cut rubber to a specific size and/or weight to achieve a better mold charge and to cut preforms with scissors as required to obtain acceptable parts.
  8. Fills out all paperwork that is required correctly
  9. Detect and report improper operation, fault equipment, defective materials and unusual conditions to mold tech, lead and/or supervisor.
  10. Moves materials as necessary in the performance of the job or directed
  11. Responsible for making sure that all equipment is calibrated and approved for use
  12. Responsible for making sure that all spray bottles are labeled properly
  13. Maintains work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition.
  14. Follows prescribed plant and safety rules and regulations
  15. Completes all ISO 9001:2015 AS9100D quality training and follows all related procedures
  16. Performs any and all other related duties as required or directed.

Job Specifications:

  1. High School graduate or equivalent
  2. Must be able to stand and work in various weather conditions
  3. Must be able to do basic math.

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