Environmental Health & Safety Manager

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

• Initiates and develops policies and procedures that address all key safety issues and concerns.

• Conducts incident investigations regarding injuries and tracks injury rates and trends.

• Follow up on corrective actions of potential safety problems by reviewing formal reports from supervisory and management personnel and assisting in the corrective action process when necessary.

• Audits work practices and equipment to ensure that safety-related policies and procedures are being followed by employees and enforced by management.

• Leads the company’s safety committee and relates information to management for implementation.

• Ensures a proactive approach to accident prevention by training and advising management on all safety issues.

• Communicates safety-related issues through safety bulletins, memos, and meetings.

• Maintains expertise on current safety and environmental issues through attendance at relevant seminars and meetings.

• CPR and First Aid certified to provide necessary treatment for first-aid injuries.

• Conducts test and investigations to obtain data for use in determining sources and methods of controlling pollutants in air and water, using knowledge of chemistry and engineering principles and applied technologies.

• Collects environmentally related samples as needed for analysis.

• Investigates adequacy of conditions that may affect employee health, comfort or efficiency.

• Prepares reports including observations, analyses of contaminants and recommendations

• Participates in educational meetings to instruct employees in matters pertaining to occupational health and prevention of accidents.

• Assembles preliminary data including safety information, makes appropriate calculations, prepares a written draft of procedures and discusses with supervisor

• Makes notes and reports on special safety and environmental situations

• Is thoroughly familiar with plant safety manual, processes, and equipment

• Reviews and conducts hazards assessments of processes and job classifications prior to initial run to ensure that all personnel have adequate personal protective equipment (PPE).

• Inspects personnel to assure proper wearing of PPE.

• Conducts annual training sessions for PPE to include respirator protections and hearing conservations programs.

• Maintains Safety Data Sheet (SDS) program.

• Performs other related tasks as assigned.

• Actively participates in Company ISO audits and documentation.

• Completes all ISO 9001: 2015 and AS9100D quality training and follows related procedures.

• Follows all prescribed plant and safety rules and regulations

Job Specifications:

The EHS Manager is accountable for controlling the safety and loss-control program to minimize the number and severity of in-plant accidents and injuries. This position is the focal point to ensure safety measures that are identified, corrected, and followed-up through any one or more of the following avenues:

(1) direct observation and report by OSHA,

(2) direct observation and internal report to management,

(3) direct observation and informal report to the EHS Manager by another individual or group.

This position ensures that the plant is inspected for any conditions that pose a potential safety or environmental problem. When a problem is identified, the position ensures that the supervisor accountable for the area in which the problem exists initiates corrective actions. When necessary, the EHS Manager meets with other supervisors to help develop corrective actions and establish proprieties that will provide increased safety without compromising the functional integrity, intended purpose, or efficiency of equipment, process or procedure that posed the initial safety hazard. The EHS Manager will maintain a system of reporting serious safety problems to help supervision detect and correct similar conditions in other areas. The EHS Manager is an active member on the ISO team and sponsors and trains employees as relating to ISO auditing, ISO procedure development and maintenance of ISO documentation.

The EHS Manager participates with representatives of monitoring agencies (DEP, OSHA, etc.) during formal inspections of plant environmental, health and safety. If problems or discrepancies are identified, the EHS Manager communicates the problem or discrepancy to the accountable individual or group; advises or counsels that individual or group on corrective measures; follows up to ensure that the corrective measures have been implemented; and issues a report to the monitoring agency to formally document corrective measures to the safety and/or environmental problems.

The EHS Manager also trains, counsels and advises personnel on all safety and environmental issues to establish a proactive approach to providing a safe working environment rather than a reactive approach to correcting that environment following an accident. To conduct this ongoing program, the EHS Manager must strive to not only meet OSHA/DEP or corporate-imposed safety regulations in developing and promoting safety in all areas.

The EHS Manager also surveys current safety literature and attends relevant seminars and meetings to ensure ongoing preparedness on topics related to safety improvement and hazard prevention. This continuing education process is necessary in light of breadth of knowledge required to scrutinize a large variety of potential safety problems under varying circumstances and recommend reasonable and effective solutions to those problems.

Requirement: Must have at least a BS degree in Safety and/or Environmental Studies.

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