Customer Service Representative

Tasks/responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Receives customer requests by telephone or mail, analyzes requests, provides information requested or ascertains who can best provide the information, and routes the request to the proper person.
  2. Analyzes transactions, corrects records, and adjusts errors.
  3. Searches company records under ZIP code, name, account number, etc., using CRT, computer printout, or requisition information from factory.
  4. Traces status of orders through Expediting Department.
  5. Resolves customer questions related to orders, takes orders a needed.
  6. Maintains liaison with other departments for order completion.
  7. Writes up order, mails catalog, samples, price quotations, and similar data to customer, as required
  8. Responds to customers’ requests via telephone or mail, using typewrite or personal computer when necessary.
  9. Contacts customers to ascertain data omitted on orders.
  10. Has knowledge of product line, prices, delivery item, drop ship items, various marketing promotional services, and similar data, as required
  11. Processes all customer orders received via fax, email or regular mail.
  12. Prepares and forwards preliminary paperwork to Returns and Replacements on problem orders and gifts not received.
  13. Assist when needed in Returns and Replacements as needed.
  14. Performs other allied duties as assigned by supervisor.
  15. Completes all ISO 9001:2015 AS9100D quality training and follows related procedures.
  16. Follows all prescribed plant and safety rules and regulations. Job Specifications:
  17. Knowledge of computer programs such as Word, Excel, and Access.
  18. Knowledge with the use of e-mail, facsimile and telephone.
  19. Knowledge of Fourth Shift operating program.
  20. General Professional telephone skills.
  21. Customer Service experience.
  22. High School Diploma or equivalent.
  23. 8 hours per day / 40 hours per week work schedule.

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